Chocolate cherries can’t be kept for more than a day, but they are so tempting there’s little chance they will last that long! You can serve them after dinner or use them to decorate cakes and desserts.


Coats 20-25 cherries

  • 225g/ 1/2 lb large cherries with stems
  • 225g/ 1/2 lb good quality dark, white or milk chocolate, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1. Discard any damaged cherries. Thoroughly wash and dry the rest. Put the chocolate in a small, deep saucepan or bowl over a pan of hot but not boiling water. Or use a double boiler. Heat the chocolate until melted, stirring occasionally. Take it from the heat, stir in the oil, and let cool to tepid.

2. Have ready a sheet of parchment paper. Dip a cherry in the melted chocolate, let excess drain into the pan for a few seconds, then set the cherry on the paper. If the chocolate forms a “foot” on the paper it’s too warm, so let it cool a bit more and try again. Coat the rest of the cherries. If the chocolate in the pan starts to set, gently heat the pan in warm water.

3. Chill the cherries until set, then peel them off the paper. They will have lost their gloss, but will regain it if they are left at room temperature.

Getting ahead: Keep the cherries up to 24 hours in a cool place or in the refrigerator.

In the glass: a shot of cherry brandy.


From Good Food No Fuss by Anne Willan, 2003
Photo Credit: Roger Stowell