PartOne_coverDear Friends,

I am thrilled to share with you the exciting news that the long awaited eBook edition of La Varenne Pratique is finally available! You can now purchase this classic book at the push of a button through most retailers including: iTunes, Amazon, Sony, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Copia.

It has been a huge project to slice, dice, scan and edit the 500-plus page tome while making sure it remains exactly the same as the original. The only difference is that this edition has been separated into four separate parts; each one containing a glossary of cooking terms, cooking equipment and a bibliography. That way you can buy only the part or parts that interest you or all of them together! Each Part is completely searchable, its images can be enlarged or viewed independently and formatting can be adapted, (to the extent allowed by the user’s e-reader).

Part 1: The Basics covers Herbs & Seasonings, Soups, Stocks and Sauces as well as Milk, Eggs and Cheese; Part 2: Meat, Poultry & Fish includes Game; Part 3: Vegetables, Pasta & Grains includes Mushrooms and Legumes; and Part 4: Baking, Preserving & Desserts also includes Fruit & Nuts and Freezing. The print edition’s groundbreaking photography has been digitized and continues to illustrate each topic with detailed images of food groups and step-by-step instruction on basic to advanced cooking techniques.

I do hope that you enjoy the new version of this old classic. Now that we’ve gone digital, I hope to reach a new generation of cooks, chefs, students and teachers.

Thanks, Anne