Fish Stew with Sorrel and Leek (Cotriade Bretonne)

Leek and sorrel add an agreeably acid bite to this Breton stew of white fish, dramatically topped with salty black mussels. Like most northern stews, Cotriade is fortified with potatoes and made with white fish, like cod, haddock, hake, or whiting, plus a bit of rich fish, such as eel or mackerel. Alternatives in the United States are bluefish, red snapper, and flounder. Arugula can take the place of sorrel.

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Salmon Rillettes

I do so enjoy a recipe that breaks away from the rules! The cooking method using salmon is different from using meat – no long cooking involved – but the soft, shredded texture is the same. I like to mix smoked and fresh salmon, cooking them separately, then shredding the meat and stirring in plenty of butter. Inexpensive smoked salmon trimmings are good for this recipe. Accented with a squeeze of lemon juice, the flavor is luxurious. Serve the rillettes with whole wheat toast or crusty bread.

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