Raspberry Liqueur is the perfect project for a lazy summer day!

Pack 2 lb/l kg raspberries (do not wash them) in a quart/liter/1 2/3 pt canning jar, layering them with an equal weight of sugar. Close the jar loosely so that air can escape and keep it in a cool place. The sugar and fruit will ferment and bubble and you should stir it every week or two. After at least 6 months, or when the bubbling stops, the liqueur is ready to drink but it will mellow and improve on keeping. You can strain out the raspberries and serve the liquid as a liqueur, or spoon the liqueur and fruit over ice cream or other fresh fruits. This makes l quart/l liter/1 2/3 pints of liqueur.

From My Ch√Ęteau Kitchen by Anne Willan, 2000

Photo CREDIT: Langdon Clay