Dear Friends,

Announcing the happy news that I’m starting a series of posts entitled The Cooking with Grandma Chronicles, available exclusively on A couple of times each month, I’ll share a story and/or a recipe, even a drawing or poem. These posts celebrate my time in the kitchen with my five grandchildren, whom I’m proud to say all enjoy cooking and eating as much as I do. It has been a pleasure to have Sophia, Leo, Lucy, Xenia and Nina join me at the stove learning the recipes I treasure. These dishes go back to my Yorkshire childhood and extend to family favorites gathered from life in France, the USA, England and travels around the world. Cheese balls with just three ingredients – a touch of mustard is our runaway favorite.

As a cooking teacher and cookbook writer, I have so enjoyed being in the kitchen with my grandchildren that I thought I would share that joy with all of you. I hope that you will share these stories and recipes with your own grandchildren, grandparents and others you cherish. I look forward to hearing what you’ve chosen to cook. Do send me your comments.

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Bon Appétit, Anne

Summer Week 1

Here is a poem written by my Grandson Leo

COOKING WITH GRANDMA, by Leo Schulkin aged 12

I love cooking with Grandma …

Because she teaches me things I never knew before

I love cooking with Grandma …

Because she helps me if I get stuck in a muddle

I love cooking with Grandma …

Because her instructions are so clear so I can follow along

I love cooking with Grandma …

Because we can test recipes that I never knew before

You are always in my heart

I love you Grandma no matter what happens