PPC101“One summer pleasure was to linger over Anne Willan’s memoir, written with Amy Friedman, called One Soufflé at a Time,” writes Tom Jaine in Petits Propos Culinaires.

PPC is an international journal on food, food history, cookery and cookery books. Mark and I are on the board of editorial advisors and it is truly one of our favorite journals. It is edited and produced in Britain and has been coming out three times a year since the beginning of 1979 when a group including Elizabeth David, Alan Davidson, and Richard Olney founded it. It is edited in Devon by Tom Jaine and published by Prospect Books.

I am very happy to see a short review of my memoir in the 101st issue of the journal:  “Her memoir is full of everything you can imagine: travel, family life, personalities… A sense of well-being shines forth from these pages. And there are also plenty of recipes. Many will know that Willan recipes work.”

To read the full article, visit their website here.

Cheers, Anne