You can see that Mark and I appreciate the lively party hosted by Denise Vivaldo. Photo Credit: Heather Gill

Denise Vivaldo is a dear friend, expert food stylist, and world class party-giver. She cleverly threw the party at Surfas, a great store for cooks. No one seemed bored, but anyone who was could slip away and shop! Denise is also a lover of cookbooks, and she wrote a great piece in The Huffington Post about how much publishing matters. She couldn’t be more right.


Denise’s whole team is stellar—and look at that urn full of fruit, too tempting to last long…

Cookbooks are meant to be in the kitchen. Photo Credit: Heather Gill


Denise spruced up Mrs. E. Smith’s 18th Century Seedy Cake with berries and cream—delicious! Photo Credit: Heather Gill